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Left - Mike Dixon portrait of Shunryu Suzuki which hangs on a wall on the bottom floor of the SFZC City Center. More portraits of Suzuki.

SFZC Shunryu Suzuki photo archive - over 400 as presented on and used by the SFZC. High quality digital scans done by Shinshu Lonnie Roberts in 2004. photo page

Photos from Crooked Cucumber

Nona Ransom photos

Bill Schwob - Shunryu Suzuki temples

Andrew Atkeison's photos of Rinsoin and Eiheiji with commentary

Photos by Isao Tananka

More Shunryu Suzuki photos from Cuke archives

Other photos from Cuke archives - planned

Stills from Videos on the following pages

from ZMC film - Sokoji - on the way to Tassajara - Tassajara

from Mitsu Suzuki slide show

Shunryu Suzuki and students at Tassajara

from the Sandokai film

from the Tassajara '68 film

from Nona Ransom's Japan film c.1935

from the Shoganji film

See photo page of cuke dot com for other photos and possible corrected info on photos herein.

If you know who any of the people are in the photos, please leave a note. Thanks. -