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Nona Ransom photos
from the 30s in Japan

Nona Ransom's films and stills


Nona Ransom in her Japan home.

See close up color photo of the pouffe her tee tray rests on sent by her godchild

Nona Ransom's Japan home where Shunryu lived for a year and a half


Maybe this is Nona



Maybe this is Nona. Maybe in China?

Shunryu Suzuki on the left

Maybe this is Shunryu



Photo directly below is Kasuisai temple where Shunryu Suzuki went sometimes to help train monks

Above left is Shinto priest and to the right is the same photo of Nona's home in Tokyo as above.


The temple below is maybe Kasuisai - Hoitsu wasn't sure, and is the setting for the best old film footage of Shunryu.


Kasuisai above two pics - monks returning from takuhatsu begging probably led by Shunryu as in Nona's film.


Cool looking monks

Notes on some photos in Nona's hand - but I haven't tried to figure out what they refer to - please enlighten us.