Tassajara Spring 68

A 4.5 minute film made by Larry Cooper in the spring of 1968 at Tassajara with Shunryu Suzuki, students working, bells, han, and creek. Read more here. [posted 12-22-13] New work 2015.

Individual film links marked with 🎥 below are to download and play on your own device. It's easier to watch them on the Cuke Video YouTube page for Tassajara Spring 68.

🎥 Tassajara Spring 68 - 126 MB - awful large for a 4.5 minute film

Smaller file 🎥 Tassajara Spring 68 (thanks Peter Ford) - almost 11 MB

🎥 View the slide show

Stills from the Film - not in correct order

Is that Rick Levine?


Lew Richmond


Clark (John) Mason


Clarke (John) Mason


Ed Brown at the densho before he was Edward


Ed Brown at the broken han


Loring Palmer at the broken han


Tim Buckley on the right.


Before the pigeons were driven to Dos Palos (by DC)


Guest Students


Peter Schneider


Shunryu Suzuki behind his cabin


Shunryu Suzuki leaving zendo


Shunryu Suzuki leaving zendo with Pat Herreshoff behind


Dan Welch on left, Rob Gove in red, Silas Hoadley with beard, Larry Hansen with pipe


Niels Holm on left, Dan Welch on top, Lou Musto in blue?, Silas Hoadley with beard


Niels Holm on left, Dan Welch on Right, Rob Gove in red


Jim Morton with beard


Rick Morton looking left, Gil Fronsdal in shashu


Jeff Broadbent, Rick Morton, Liz Wolf, Jane Westberg (Schneider), Loring Palmer


Loring Palmer in back


Liz Wolf


Tassajara Creek