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All known to us film from the Suzuki era

Cuke Video on Youtube - much easier to use than herein which is more of an archive and info center - in progress (9-30-15)

Source material (* = new work done 2015-16)

* Zen Mountain Center - KQED 16 mm film - summer 1968 (45:24)  - 1968. Now redone and expanded, presented in full and in segments with stills (9-28-15) - 1-21-16 - Mitsu Suzuki edit posted here.

-----Slide show of photos with Mitsu Suzuki

* Zen in America - from the film Sunseed - Shunryu Suzuki and Tassajara (1970) section from a feature 35 mm documentary for theaters featuring gurus. - redone and expanded, presented in full and in segments plus outtakes and stills (9-25-15)

* San Do Kai - black and white 16 mm no sound in original - of Suzuki giving talk in Tassajara zendo 1970 (15:56) - now in this section is Branches of the Sandokai, the O'Connor and Wenger production with Shunryu Suzuki's voice from the June 3, 1970 lecture synched with excerpts from the film and stills.

* Tassajara Spring 68 - A 4.5 minute film made by a guest in the spring of 1968 at Tassajara.

* Nona Ransom's Japan film - [New Improved 7-2016] Suzuki's English teacher's 16 mm film from the 30s. A bit of the young (20s) Shunryu Suzuki and other scenes. Now gone over with Shunryu's son Hoitsu and added a few informative subtitles and some voice over in the scene with Shunryu and friend monk. (11:37)

--------------Shunryu Suzuki scenes from the Nona Ransom film. (2:56)

Nona Ransom's Travel film - Also the 30s - no Suzuki - here cause where else would it go? (1:23:59) (FLV low res version)

Shoganji - the temple where Shunryu Suzuki was born - 1998 video by Mark Petchey [posted 9-19-15]

Recent edited compilations

One Particle of Dust (1:14:11) - 2005 - This is a DVD made available by the SFZC under Michael Wenger's supervision. He and Timothy O'Connor Fraser produced it. It included the entire Zen in America, Zen Mt. Center, and Beginner's Mind films and contained much from the Sandokai black and white film with Suzuki's voice from that lecture synched with his image plus stills. The unique material from this film is the excellent Branches of the Sandokai which is now presented as a whole in the Sandokai section above. The entire contents of that DVD are available from links on this page. It's no longer practical or necessary to view it all together though for a while it was the only way for most to view these films outside of a ZC presentation and those were rare.

Present Shunryu (26:18) (FLV) - ca 2007 - a composite of old and new footage.

Five Shorts made by students at SFSU - 2002 or so using the source film to video plus new footage.

A Pearl Rolling Across a Table (6:54) - WMV - MP4

An Ordinary Stone (6:08) - WMV - MP4

Beginner's Mind (4:26) - WMV - MP4

How Do You Like Zazen (5:19) - WMV - MP4

What You're Left With (6:27) - WMV - MP4

Had the film professionally copied on high quality VHS and Beta back in 2000 or so and around 2008 had it all transferred to high resolution standard US DVD digital both at Fiske Video in Mill Valley, CA and from there to various formats for the archive. These are low resolution M4v (click name) and FLV except for the five shorts which are are WMV and MP4. Richard Baker had the Nona Ransom Japan film transferred to video in Colorado. In 2013 had the original film digitized. There had been such deterioration that the older digitizing from hi def video was better, but there is new footage from the Sunseed outtakes and in doing that discovered the 1968 short film made at Tassajara. This section being expanded and improved August, September October 2015. -dc

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