Notes and comments

11-07-16 - Guess I've been remiss in writing notes - but a ton has been done with this site since late 2012. Just look around. - dc

11-11-12 - The New Search Form represents the biggest step forward since this site was created a few years back. For what material has recently been added and is soon to be added, go to the Work in Progress page on

Thanks to Peter Ford for creating the New Search Form and to Ray Watkins for all his work on the Shunryu Suzuki lectures to help prepare them.

8-30-12 - Added on lecture and two brief written entries from the Wind Bell, publication of the SFZC: 67-08-00WB A and B and 67-08-24CU-WB. Also added links to transcripts in progress on Seeking volunteers to help us complete these transcripts.

8-11-12 - Entered new modified audio files into the Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Index. The modified audio is another way to listen to it to aid in transcription.They are located directly under the original audio files and are marked AM (audio modified) or AMP, the P for problem tape meaning this audio is not fully transcribed or checked. Most have a transcript in progress which will be entered or linked to here next and we'll be seeking help in getting them done as well as possible so please consider helping on that. Email me, DC, if you're interested. Here is a page for these transcripts in progress. (note modified 8-30-12)

This site now undergoing major revision. Stay tuned. - dc

5-29-12 - Begin to include enhanced audio. 66-01-21B lecture now has a second version marked AA - worked on by Angus Atwell to improve audio quality. This is the first of about twenty problem audios Angus has worked on that will be put up here. He's also worked on another 70 or so that will be going up. Including in both on the page with all lectures and in the smaller quicker loading pages by year.

3-17-12 - The word "Precept" as found in Shunryu Suzuki Lectures

The phrase most important as found is Shunryu Suzuki lectures

10-11-11 - Added WMV files to the MP4 files to the five shorts in the video archive

8-09-11 - Decided to put notes here. Have been putting up instances when Suzuki used the term "most important" on at this link and noting the inclusions on cuke's home page under What's Newest.

Today fixed audio for 71-07-02 which had audio for 71-07-20 there instead. Thanks Sami Takanen in Finland. Lots more mistakes to fix and improvements to make. Advice and assistance welcomed. - dc

Some old notes and reminders pertaining to this website

make a new edited video of just the Suzuki parts of the source videos

fix the Gurnaney site up - add lectures and fix search function

All audio on this site is mono so the MP3s are actually double the quality. They're almost all 16K so they're actually 32K quality. That's how I see it. (Some are 24K.) - dc